It Ends With Us

I’ll start my first blog post with an older (if 2016 is older) classic. I just finished this one, and have so many thoughts!

One thing you will learn about me is that I HATE to read the description of a book. Sometimes, it gives too much away! So instead, I will give my own brief synopsis, followed by my quick review, and then my extended review (with spoilers). So if you haven’t read this yet, stop before that last part!

My synopsis: Boy meets girl. Girls first love was a VERY complicated relationship that gets mixed up in the new relationship.

Pairs best with: Chocolate chip cookies. Atlas makes Lily chocolate chip cookies when they’re kids (before going on to become a chef – note the knife set in the background). I don’t know about you, but chocolate chip cookies are enough to make me fall in love with anyone.

Brief review:

This was my 4th love story in a row (by accident). I start each of the love story reviews with “this is not my normal type of book” because it’s really not. I find love story protagonists to be really irritating and often weak. That was not the case with this book – I loved this. I found her to be strong willed and proactive. It also bugs me in stories about love triangles when someone is married to one person but still hung up another and I didn’t feel that was the case in this either. I thought all feelings on all sides were justified. 

I think it was the dark plot line of domestic abuse thread into the love story that really hooked me. Highly recommend.

Extended Review: *SPOILERS AHEAD*

This book was suh good! It had a good love story, but more importantly it tackled the unconformable issue of domestic abuse. Lily grew up in a house where her father abused her mother, and somehow found herself in a similar (though entirely different) situation. I loved that she was able to analyze the differences between her relationship and her parents, without making excuses for Ryle.

While we’re on the topic of Ryle. WHAT KIND OF NAME IS RYLE. Thats not a name. I have two exboyfriends – one was named Ryan and the other was named Kyle. Was she trying to combine these?! Because Ryle is not a name. And while we’re talking about names, Emmy Dory is a terrible name. But I digress.

I LOVEEDDDD that she didn’t stay with Ryle in the end.

I hate in books with a love triangle how they always make the spouse seem like the bad guy without any solid evidence that he is. It always seems like the girl doesn’t really love him, but if you can’t be with the love, (try to) love the one you’re with. It drives me crazy! In this case, I fully believe that Lily loved Ryle. I enjoyed reading her struggle of whether or not to stay with him, and I loved that in the end she chose to do what was best for herself and her daughter.

I also like that her relationship Ryle wasn’t ruined because of Atlas. It was because of Ryle. He wasn’t mentally stable enough to be trusted. And while Atlas was there and helped her, he wasn’t the root of the problem.

Thats why I loved this book. It took a common love triangle premise, and brought in so much more depth. I didn’t find the main character weak or question her decisions at all throughout the story, I commiserated with her and wanted what was best for her throughout.

Did you read this book? Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

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