The Adults

I saw this one on social media, and liked the sound of it. Well, bookstagram for the win! Because it was adorable.

My Synopsis: Mom and Dad decide to bring their daughter, Scarlet, on a Christmas trip. The catch? They’re divorced and each bring their significant other. What could possibly go wrong? Oh, and you find out on the first page – someone gets shot with an arrow.

Pairs best with: Fish of any kind. Also pasta of any kind. Basically anything because Claire is an amazing chef and finds cooking relaxing (the opposite of me). But I went with the fish and pasta theme – shrimp pasta!

Brief Review:

Overall, this book was super cute. It wasn’t laugh out loud funny, and I wasn’t drawn into the mystery dying to know who did it, but it was really enjoyable and light. The author also did a really good job of using different voices and sharing different points of view. Definitely worth the read!

Extended Review: *SPOILERS AHEAD*

Honestly, this one will be brief. It was a really cute book, but theres not much to discuss! Reviews said it was “laugh out loud funny,” which it wasn’t quite, and some labeled it as a mystery, which it wasn’t really either. But it was really light and enjoyable.

I loved Alex, I felt bad for her because she was in such an impossible situation. But I thought (for the most part… obviously the wine didn’t help) that all of her thoughts and actions were reasonable. Patrick, on the other hand, was annoying AF. I felt for him also, an equally as impossible situation (if not worse), but sometimes he was annoying.

I wasn’t surprised how drawn out the “mystery” of who got shot was and who did the shooting, I also wasn’t surprised to find out it wasn’t the true story. But, like I said, I still really enjoyed it. It didn’t need the mystery to make the story, it just helped add to it.

Sometimes, neat happy endings can drive me mad because they’re just so unrealistic, but I liked this one. Even though Patrick bugged me at times, I was very happy to have a hint of him getting his own happily ever after. I was glad that Matt and Alex were okay, and that Claire was fine on her own.

Also – I got this far without mentioning Posey. But I think I’ll continue to not mention Posey. All I’ll say is I was happy for Scarlet that he “left” too.

One thing the author did REALLY REALLY well is different characters and points of view. Recently, I’ve been reading a lot of books with different points of view per chapter that aren’t written well, and its a personal pet peeve. If they are different people speaking, I should be able to tell. Different people have different tones, different speech patterns, different slang. I thought this book did a good job of the 3 different POV (Alex, Patrick, and Scarlet) and it was interesting reading the same situation from different peoples perspectives.

I also thought it was an interesting, and good, choice to only have Alex, Patrick, and Scarlet speak. Not hearing directly from Claire or Matt helped legitimize Alex and Patricks feelings, which I really appreciated.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book! Have you read it? What did you think?

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