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I just finished the book Maid, and it was enlightening. Though I do have to say, while this one was incredibly well written, I keep trying memoirs and they are just not my type of book.

My Synopsis: A young, single mother, documents her experience with trying to raise a young woman alone while battling with poverty.

Pairs best with: A beer. Throughout the book, whenever Stephanie was splurging on food, it was a burger and a beer. She also talked a lot about missing being able to stop at a bar on her way home from work. I hope that now that she wrote this highly successful book, she can stop for beers whenever she wants!

Brief review:

Maid was a great story, and showed a life that I don’t often hear about. Of course, I know about poverty in America and the different government programs that we have, but I have never read a book (or memoir) told from the point of view of someone that has used them. Though the book only approached these options on a surface level, reading Stephanie’s story was really enlightening. She had a unique situation of being a single mother who was somewhat born into the poverty that she was in, but still had more family support than others in that situation might have had. It made for a very interesting dynamic. Stephanie had a great voice, and overall it was a really enjoyable and eye opening book. I finished reading this with a lot of respect for the author, and a pride that she was able to achieve her goal of becoming a writer.

Extended Review *SPOILERS AHEAD*

I know that I said that I was done with memoirs, and honestly I am. The next time someone sees me start one on Goodreads, say “Brooke. I know this one sounds good. But don’t do it!!” But this wasn’t the fault of Stephanie. She did a great job writing this book, and like I said, I felt genuinely proud every time she mentioned her dream of being a writer. She succeeded!

I just have realized its not my favorite type of book. And thats okay! I can still appreciate the book.

Have you read it? What did you think?

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