The Siren

I’m usually more of a mermaid fan, but I guess sirens are close enough.

My Synopsis: A siren meets a boy and falls in love. But she can’t speak to him without risking his life, and can never be with him because she belongs to the Ocean.

Pairs best with: Whatever your favorite food is. For me, Charleston Chews. Since sirens are not technically human, they don’t need to eat to survive. They still can eat for enjoyment though (and don’t put on any weight). Where do I sign up??

Brief Review:

This was an enjoyable read, but it didn’t live up to The Selection (which I loved). It was well written and had a really interesting plot, but there were parts of it that were a little slow and dragged. There were too many chapters of the main characters internal struggle without having enough action woven in. But overall it was a quick and satisfying read!

Extended review: *SPOILERS AHEAD*

The Selection is definitely my favorite YA series. I loved it. Shortly after I finished, I got The Siren and it’s been sitting on my bookshelf ever since. I’m talking years. Seriously – the purchase order is still in there and I bought it 11/2/2016. Do you know how much has happened since November 2016?! I got a dog. I got married. I got pregnant. I moved twice. But did I read The Siren? NOPE.

Enter bookstagram: someone posted they were reading this book on instagram, and I commented that it had been sitting on my bookshelf for years and I still hadn’t read it. She responded “read it with me!” and I couldn’t pass that up. A chance to clear an unread book from my shelf, and have someone to talk about it with. SOLD!

She hasn’t finished it yet so I haven’t had a chance to discuss it with her. And I think by the end there are definitely things to discuss, the middle just dragged a little. It wasn’t a “chat as you go” kind of book.

Kahlen (a name I had a hard time pronouncing in my head) falls in love with Akinli (…same) and I honestly did buy their love. I have a hard time with love stories because sometimes I just don’t believe the two characters are in love. Akinli’s interest in her made sense because he seemed somewhat like a lost soul. He fit in fine, but he enjoyed having someone he really could talk to. Kahlen’s love worked because she needed someone to see the real her without knowing her background or who she was.

There was a lot of violence in this book, and I enjoyed those parts. The book starts with a shipwreck and has 2 (maybe 3?) more throughout. It’s an intriguing start, and every time it comes back to the morbid ship wrecks it got a little exciting. But there were parts in between the wrecks that were a little slow.

A lot of the book is thoughts inside of Kahlen’s head, and while I understood her struggle, it came across a bit whiney at times. When she was with Akinli trying not to speak and towards the end when she is sick – that had the action other parts were missing.

I really enjoyed the Ocean being its own character. It reminded me a little of Moana – except meaner. But when they were being sent around the world to different countries, I pictured Moana’s ocean. I thought the dialogue between the Ocean and the girls was great, and I loved how it was written in italics rather than quotations because they were speaking somewhat telepathically.

The end was fairly predictable. But the more I write about this book, the more I think I enjoyed it! I feel like I’m talking myself into liking it more and more. It definitely was not The Selection (<3333), but I’m glad I finally got to it!

Have you read The Siren? What did you think?

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