Dear Wife

Blog posts about mysteries are my favorite… Bring on all the spoilers!

My synopsis: Two stories – Beth on the run and everyone searching for a missing woman named Sabine. But how do they overlap? Great question!

Pairs best with: Anything fishy. Because everyone in this story was fishy. Get it?? Yeah. I hate me too.

Brief review: Honestly, I loved this book. I think it is her best one yet. It takes a lot to surprise me with thrillers – I’ve read way too many and I’ve seen every twist. The initial turn I figured out pretty quickly, but the final twist I definitely did not see coming!! Not much more I can say without spoilers – but check this one out. You won’t be disappointed.

Extended review: *spoilers below*

Okay. I love reviews for thrillers because I go through ALL MY THEORIES mwahahahaaa

Okay let’s start with what I got right (yay me). Right off the bat I knew Sabine wasn’t Beth. How did I know? Easy – it was too obvious. Okay but really: Beth said she left her phone in the kitchen garbage. But Sabine’s husband called her cell phone multiple times (in every room) and never heard a ring.

Now what did I get wrong: everything else! I’m telling ya, I can smell a twist a mile away but this one got me!

My theory was that Beth killed Sabine and was on the run, but making it look like Sabine ran away. Using her credit card places, getting the apartment; I thought these were all Beth pretending to be Sabine. Maybe Sabine’s boyfriends wife, maybe someone we hadn’t met yet. That part I hadn’t figured out.

Needless to say, I was wrong. Beth was Emma, Marcus’ wife. I missed the initial hint, when Emma didn’t show up to dinner. I figured it out when Marcus’ mom showed up at his house.

And I really did not see Marcus killing Sabine until Emma/Beth did.

I love love loved that Emma/Beth paid back the Church and tried to keep her new friends. It had such a neat and happy ending. Normally those don’t fit in thrillers, but this one really did and I’m happy about it.

Dear Wife is out today – have you read it yet?? If so, what did you think??

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