The Friend Zone

Warning: unpopular opinion below

My synopsis: Two people who are clearly meant to be together can’t be. Classic.

Pairs best with: Tacos. Because they talk about them a lot, and every time they do, I want some.

Brief review: I have a whole lot of feelings about this book. A WHOLE LOT. I was hesitant at first because I’m usually not a fan of romance. But there are definitely some I love, and this book was everywhere (plus I won it in a giveaway), so I gave it a whirl. There were times I was tempted to lean towards “like” but I think I hated it. The ending, like last 20 pages, included my biggest pet peeve in books of all time. (If you know me, that was a spoiler, so I apologize.) The whole second half was so depressing and I was not expecting that AT ALL, nor did I find it necessary.

The end made me so mad I almost forgot about how annoying and problematic the “cool girl” troupe was and always is. Hate that shit.

But, at the end of the day, a book that evokes this much emotion is obviously well written and really gets to you. So originally I gave it 3 stars. But the more I think about it the more it bugs me for reasons that are spoilers, so 2 it is.

Extended review: *includes spoilers*

Let’s start from the beginning issues: COOL GIRL. Overdone, and honestly, problematic. A girl can be worthy of love without “basically being a dude.” Kills me. I was hesitant I’d hate this book because of that alone, now I barely remember hating that part. Because there’s more.

The accident. Okay Brandon’s accident was so depressing and honestly unnecessary. I get that the lesson was people have real issues, yours aren’t that big. But it still was unnecessary.

And then he dies?! That was just too much. Sad. Very sad. But again, unnecessary. It didn’t even help their relationship develop!!!! She still wouldn’t be with him!! Which brings me to something I forgot about being annoyed by…

If she’s such a “cool girl” who always “says what she’s thinking,” why the eff couldn’t she just tell him the problem from the start. MAJOR. EYE. ROLL. Be an adult and give him the real reason or cut him loose. The “it’s only sex” HAS NEVER WORKED ASK ANY MOVIE, TV SHOW, OR BOOK EVER.

Okay back to where we were. Brandon’s dead. They’re still not together. Josh did research, they can have kids, they can be in love. Great. They go to get the hysterectomy and she’s. Fucking. Pregnant.

If you know me, you know my biggest pet peeve in books is “we had sex once and now I’m pregnant – oops!” So not only is she pregnant, but they back date it to being the first time they had sex. Of course! Super sperm can cure broken uteruses!

I want to praise the author for writing about infertility because it’s such a sensitive topic and I’ve read very little with it before, but honestly I found the way that it ended insensitive.

And this isn’t a personal thing, I got pregnant somewhat unintentionally (sorry Millie, still love you!) but to have a character some people can connect to on such a sensitive topic and then give them their happy ending naturally was too much. Show the rest of the struggle. Show them going through IVF and treatments. THEN give them the happy ending. Keep it real. I’m genuinely happy they had their miracle baby. I am. But it was a character for other people to relate to and then the ending was just a cop out.

This book was widely successful and my opinions are in the minority. Did you read it? What did you think?

Still interested in reading this book? You can buy it here: The Friend Zone

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